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Your Name, Degrees Licenses: Tiffany Kelley PhD MBA RN

PhD in Nursing Informatics from Duke University in 2012

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? 1. Dr. Tiffany Kelley, the Founder of "Know My Patient", not only has 16 years of nursing experience, but has also spent the last 12 of those years working in the field of nursing informatics. Her entry into informatics began while working on a team to implement an electronic health record at Boston Children's Hospital where she experienced first hand the current limitations within hospital settings to provide nurses with information at any location, especially while on-the-go. As a previous staff nurse nurse herself, Dr. Kelley is well aware of the needs of nurses- the end users of Know My Patient™ and is passionate about helping them help others.

Dr. Kelley's degrees include a Ph.D from Duke University where she studied the meaning of knowing the patient and the information needed for care, as well as a MS in Nursing Administration, an MBA from Northeastern University, and a BS in Nursing from Georgetown University. She has written a textbook, Electronic Health Records for Quality Nursing and Health Care which will be released in January 2016.

The idea for Know My Patient and forming Nightingale Apps came as a result of Dr. Kelley observing nurses for several hundred hours during her Ph.D. research at Duke. She began to see patterns and understand the inefficiencies at a very discrete level that allowed her to formulate the idea for Know My Patient and move forward with developing the company. The Know My Patient app has been met with outstanding responses from staff nurses who will benefit from having at their fingertips to allow them to focus more of their time on direct patient care.

Her domain expertise and commitment to driving change for safer, more efficient and effective care has taken this company from idea inception to its current state. She has brought on team members and contracted resources that also share that vision and support the companies growth.

November and December 2015 were great months for Nightingale Apps LLC in the press.
Becker's Healthcare named Nightingale Apps one of 10 Healthcare Startups to Know for 2016
and also named Know My Patient one of 40 apps for clinicians and consumers to know
We were featured at Web Summit in Dublin Ireland in November
and also were featured in BostInno

What Attracted You To The Field of Nursing? Listen to Jon Haws podcast recorded Jan/Feb 2016 for details

What is your experience and background in Nursing? Pediatric nursing in academic medical centers across the United States

Informatics nurse for last 12 years and most recently board certified in 2014 - ANCC

Would you recommend Nursing as a career? Yes, the career is very rewarding and can provide many directions for career development. Additionally, nurses are in the business of saving lives. This is a very remarkable and humbling ability that we are trained to do if and when needed and able.

Your Business Name (if applicable): Nightingale Apps LLC

Business Organization? Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LLC or Corporation (C or S)? LLC

Please describe in detail your business/services you provide (or if you have an elevator pitch): Nightingale Apps' first solution is Know My Patient. Know My Patient started with an idea from Dr. Tiffany Kelley as she watched nurses struggle to have easy access and use to necessary information needed to provide safe, efficient patient care in hospital settings. Unique highlights of Know My Patient include:

•    It fills a pervasive need for nurses to spend more time with their patients and less time searching for information in a computer.

•    Streamlines inefficiencies for accessing, entering, and overall using vital information by placing it at their fingertips through a mobile device.

•    Allows nurses to input and access patient preferences, in a module unique to Nightingale Apps, that helps with patient outcomes.

•    The Active Clinical Decision Support Tools in Nightingale Apps LLC allows the nurse to receive messages, lab results or push notifications immediately.  

•    This app gives each nurse a sustained solution to eliminate the pitfalls that are currently happening during a handoff.

•    Dr. Kelley designed the app from the perspective of a nurse and how nurses would need to find and enter information.  

Despite the presence of electronic health record (EHR) systems in hospital settings, nurses are challenged to have the right tools to gain access to a comprehensive picture of each patient in need of their care and attention each day. Instead, nurses turn to a piece of paper, not part of the patient's medical record, as their lifeline of information needed to know each patient as an individual – not a diagnosis – for optimal care delivery, that is ultimately shredded at the end of the day.

With Know My PatientTM, Nightingale Apps LLC fills a pervasive need for nurses to spend more time with their patients and less time searching for information in a computer to drive higher quality care.

Business Address:
Nightingale Apps LLC
PO Box 990515
Boston MA 02199

E-mail Address:


Social Media Accounts (Where can people find you on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, etc)

Twitter: Tiffany Kelley: @Tiffany__Kelley

    NightingaleApps: @nightingaleapps


Facebook: Nightingale Apps:

      Tiffany Kelley PhD MBA RN:

Homepage Address:

Type of business categories would you would like to be listed: Informatics
Nurse-Owned Business
Nurse Inventor
Public Speakers

Keywords, Phrases that describe your business, experience, services: Nightingale Apps supports nurses to deliver high quality care through supportive workflow solutions offered through mobile technology software applications.

Contact person(s): or Tiffany Kelley PhD MBA RN

Phone number (how/when do you prefer to be contacted): Prefer email:

In what date (month/year) did you start your business? June 2013

Can you describe some challenges you had to overcome in starting your business? Would be happy to describe in a blog post and/or some form of podcast, audio recording

How did you hear about the Nursefriendly, I met Andrew Lopez at the Nurse Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit and Hackathon June 2016 at Northeastern University, Boston MA.

The year you were first licensed as a nurse? 2000

What school(s) of nursing did you attend?
Georgetown University BSN 2000
Northeastern University MS in Nursing Administration and MBA in 2008
Duke University PhD in Nursing Informatics 2012

Do you recommend that nurses join professional organizations? Yes, one national/international, one regional, and one specialized in the field of interest. Too many can spread someone too thin.

What specific qualities and traits do you feel make nurses especially qualified to operate a business? · Multi-tasker
· Problem solver
· Dedicated
· Completes assigned tasks
· Caring nature

What exactly is a nurse entrepreneur in your own words? Someone who is resilient, persistent, versatile, ability to identify and create value for others by solving existing problems

Do you currently practice as a nurse? If yes in what type of setting? I am not currently providing direct patient care.

Your most pressing concerns with the profession and healthcare: The need for more contemporary solutions using mobile and advanced analytics to leverage the EHR in ways that support better nurse-patient relationships and higher quality care overall.

Other areas of interest and expertise: Travel, exercise, dining, reading is a networking and resource directory for Nurse-Owned businesses and nurses looking for an alternative to working at the bedside. Start here on your road towards nurse entrepreneurship.

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